How to Rent an Apartment in St Petersburg

Do you want to know how to rent apartments in St Petersburg? There are certain detailed aspects that need consideration for renting apartment in this place. Here, rental apartments are favorite among the visitors for proper location, high-end facilities and affordable price. Even many people who are moving to the city are also considering the rental apartments. Here are some important guidelines that will help you in the process of getting a suitable apartment on rent in St Petersburg.

Booking procedure
You can meet brokers in person and discuss about the booking procedure of rental apartments in St. Petersburg area. They will charge a commission for their service, but meeting up a broker or agent and then waiting for their response and availability of apartments is quite a time consuming process. Therefore, online apartment rental booking has become very convenient and popular. Forget about queuing outside offices of the brokers, just enter appropriate websites and look out for references and tariffs of featured apartment rentals. Moreover, you can also read instant reviews and ratings of the apartments, and it will take you to further proceed with the booking procedure. You can pay for booking online and receive confirmation of the payment instantly.

Russian visa
Prior to your dream of renting an apartment in St. Petersburg area, you must get visa invitation and obtain Russian visa. Many Russian authorities issue visa invitation, but it is essential that you get it from Russian Foreign Ministry or its legislative bodies in the area like Passport and Visa Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs or UVIR. Apart from that, the invitation for visa can also be attained from Russian authorized agencies that are registered at Ministry of Foreign Affairs as tourism companies. Get special index number of the agency from which you are getting the visa invite. You have to mention this index and tour reference code in the visa verification.

Reaching St Petersburg is very easy as transportation network is supremely developed. You can take on sea routes, buses, coaches, railways and flights to access the city.

Using local transport
If you are planning to make long distance travel, then you can opt for affordable and efficient metro service. Marshrutka (mini bus) is another affordable and fast transport facility in St Petersburg. There are trolley buses, buses, taxis and trams that are good for short trips within the city. For going out on family outing, you can hire cars and vans as well.

Hiring an appropriate apartment rental agent
While you are looking to avail rent apartment in St. Petersburg you need support of a good apartment rental agent. Hire an agent that has got legal registration to conduct the process of searching a rental apartment for you in the city. Make a good research about the kind of services, these agents’ offers and their fees. This will help you to negotiate the right deal. Also, ensure that you pay according to your convenience, whether it is bank transfer, cash or credit cards. Your agent must accept your preferred mode of payment.

Making payment
There are various modes of payments for booking apartment rental facilities in St. Petersburg area. You can pay as per your convenient choice of payment options like cash, bank transfer, credit card, or any other mode.