Even If Your Marriage is Broken, Christian Marriage Books Can Help You Pick Up the Pieces

How physically fit is your marriage? Getting married is easy, but keeping a marriage going is hard work-especially when we’ve got Hollywood out there spreading stories about love, romance and happily ever after and conveniently forgetting to mention what happens when the prince gets Cinderella back to the castle! The illusions Hollywood and the booming romance industry sell are destroying today’s marriages, causing divorce rates to climb higher than they have in years. If you’re looking for a way to save your marriage before it ends up on the courtroom floor but aren’t sure how to do it, don’t look to the media. Today’s Christian marriage books have all the information you need to start picking up the pieces and getting your relationship back on the straight and narrow.

The house built on the sand is going to fall apart the first time a storm rolls in. What’s your home built on? Is your relationship with your husband or wife built on the solid rock of Jesus and a shared faith, and the solid conviction that the two of you were going to help your marriage grow, or did you marry full of dreams of love and happily ever after only to be brutally disappointed when you started fighting about money or whose turn it was to do the dishes?

The first thing today’s Christian marriage books are going to help you do is break your marriage down to the basics-because really, what matters most? You can sell your house. You can always get another job. (Yes, even in today’s economy there are options available, we promise!) Even your children are going to grow up and move away. Your relationship with your spouse, and your relationship with the Lord, are and should be at the center of your life. Once you understand that, and realize that the rest is only window dressing, you can get down to the heart of your marital problems and start putting things back together.

What sets Christian marriage books apart from the millions of other self help ebooks and ebooks out there is that they’re based not on pop psychology (or even regular psychology!) but on the word of God. Freud, the father of modern psychology, lived at the end of the 19th century-less than 200 years ago. That means that today’s marriage counselors and psychologists are basing their advice and their recommendations for your marriage on theories that have only been around for a few hundred years. If you really want to turn your marriage around you need to look to advice that has truly stood the test of time.

The Bible and its teachings have been laying the foundation for successful marriages since the beginning of time. Isn’t that the kind of solidity that your marriage deserves?

If your marriage has hit some rough times and you’re struggling to find your way out, relax. There’s help out there. Pray about it, and then browse the huge selection of Christian marriage books and ebooks available on the market. Find the one that speaks to your heart. It won’t be long until you’re well on the way to building the happily ever after you dreamed about when you said “I do.”