Even If Your Marriage is Broken, Christian Marriage Books Can Help You Pick Up the Pieces

How physically fit is your marriage? Getting married is easy, but keeping a marriage going is hard work-especially when we’ve got Hollywood out there spreading stories about love, romance and happily ever after and conveniently forgetting to mention what happens when the prince gets Cinderella back to the castle! The illusions Hollywood and the booming romance industry sell are destroying today’s marriages, causing divorce rates to climb higher than they have in years. If you’re looking for a way to save your marriage before it ends up on the courtroom floor but aren’t sure how to do it, don’t look to the media. Today’s Christian marriage books have all the information you need to start picking up the pieces and getting your relationship back on the straight and narrow.

The house built on the sand is going to fall apart the first time a storm rolls in. What’s your home built on? Is your relationship with your husband or wife built on the solid rock of Jesus and a shared faith, and the solid conviction that the two of you were going to help your marriage grow, or did you marry full of dreams of love and happily ever after only to be brutally disappointed when you started fighting about money or whose turn it was to do the dishes?

The first thing today’s Christian marriage books are going to help you do is break your marriage down to the basics-because really, what matters most? You can sell your house. You can always get another job. (Yes, even in today’s economy there are options available, we promise!) Even your children are going to grow up and move away. Your relationship with your spouse, and your relationship with the Lord, are and should be at the center of your life. Once you understand that, and realize that the rest is only window dressing, you can get down to the heart of your marital problems and start putting things back together.

What sets Christian marriage books apart from the millions of other self help ebooks and ebooks out there is that they’re based not on pop psychology (or even regular psychology!) but on the word of God. Freud, the father of modern psychology, lived at the end of the 19th century-less than 200 years ago. That means that today’s marriage counselors and psychologists are basing their advice and their recommendations for your marriage on theories that have only been around for a few hundred years. If you really want to turn your marriage around you need to look to advice that has truly stood the test of time.

The Bible and its teachings have been laying the foundation for successful marriages since the beginning of time. Isn’t that the kind of solidity that your marriage deserves?

If your marriage has hit some rough times and you’re struggling to find your way out, relax. There’s help out there. Pray about it, and then browse the huge selection of Christian marriage books and ebooks available on the market. Find the one that speaks to your heart. It won’t be long until you’re well on the way to building the happily ever after you dreamed about when you said “I do.”

Book Apartments in Canary Islands for a Perfect Family Getaway

The Canary Islands are the ideal setting for a family break, which is why you may wish to consider booking holiday apartments somewhere in the archipelago.

Made up of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, the one thing all of these isles have in common is the glorious sub-tropical climate they enjoy.

In addition they are home to vast expanses of golden sandy beaches, while the archipelago, which is situated just off the north-western coast of Africa, is also the site of a volcano – Mount Teide, which is the highest peak in Spain and the third largest volcano in the world.

This and the surrounding lava flows could make a great place for you and the kids to explore, and if you enjoy the great outdoors then why not spend some time walking in the lush woodlands or along the cliffs?

At some resorts, you can even take a camel ride to see your surroundings from an unusual vantage point.

Of course, the beaches are what many travellers book apartments in Canary Islands each year for and when you visit them you will understand why.

The soft golden sand is perfect for simply lying back and working on your tan, while the kids can spend the day paddling, building sandcastles or playing beach games like volleyball or football.

If you are all in the mood for something a little more adventurous then at some resorts you can take advantage of the surfing or waterskiing lessons before having a go yourself.

It is possible for you to explore beneath the ocean’s surface by taking a snorkelling trip together, while you could also enjoy a boat ride and have a go at a spot of fishing or even hire a jet ski for an hour.

Because the Canary Islands are so popular with both kids and adults, there are plenty of attractions that have been designed to appeal to all age groups.

Loro Parque in Tenerife is one example of this. Here you will find animals ranging from penguins, parrots and sea lions to gorillas, chimpanzees and tigers.

There are also dolphins and orcas at the park that your kids are sure to love. Indeed, if this piques their interest then you could treat them to an adventure of a lifetime by booking spots on a boat ride out to sea where you can see these beautiful creatures in the wild.

Siam Park in Tenerife, meanwhile, makes for a great daytrip for water babies. This magnificent water park boasts a staggering 28 metre almost vertical slide that is sure to really test your nerves. However, if you would rather take it easy then you can simply laze on a rubber ring as the current takes you around the river ride.

Another great attraction is Rancho Texas Park in Lanzarote where you and the kids can pan for gold, ride a horse, take a trip in a canoe and visit the farm.

If you fancy treating yourself then you could indulge in a round of golf. There are some courses on the islands where you can spend the day on the green while the children will also be able to have a go at improving their swing.

Yet there is so much more to see and do. So, why not book holiday apartments in the Canary Islands and discover why they are such a hit with families the world over?

9 Myths that Block You From Completing Your Book Fast, p2

Many speakers, consultants, and small business owners alike
feel confident with communicating their message orally. They can
spout their message in an elevator speech with the accuracy of a
scientist. But when it comes to putting it on paper, some grown
men & women end up crying like a baby.

Through speaking and writing, I have discovered 9 myths that
often block others from writing their best book now. I promise.
It’s not hard once you know exactly what to do. Successful
writers set up a system of writing. Destroy these myths and
setup your system of writing with nine easy solutions.

Myth #5 I am stuck. I have to stop writing until I feel it again.

Unseasoned writers may play the martyr and push through just to
put something on paper or give up and try again another day. We
would never get it done like that. When you get stuck simply
close that chapter and pull out your chapter outline and choose
another chapter. If you have been following this program, you
have listed main points for each chapter. Select a topic from
that chapter and begin there.

Solution: To maintain your momentum keep your writing
commitments. Go around writer’s block by working on another
chapter. For example, while writing this book in one of my
writing sessions, I wanted to finish my fourth chapter on titles
but I ran into a writer’s block. Instead of breaking my
momentum, I came down to chapter eight about easy writing and
began there. I was able to complete my time commitment of one
hour and keep my momentum.

Myth #6 I just write whatever comes to my head and there’s no
need to re-write.

My editor will handle all that. It’s o.k. to free write when
you are working on your first draft. The idea is go get the
thoughts out of your head onto paper. For no one can express it
quite like you. Oh sure, there are some better or worse writers
but not exactly like you.

I know this may not feel good to some but its smacks of plain
ole laziness if you don’t work on making your copy the best it
can be. Don’t leave all the dirty work for your editor unless
you really can’t do any better.

Solution: Successful authors rewrite and organize their ideas
for the most impact. Avoid re-writing during your first draft.
Concentrate on finishing each chapter then you’re your tracking
time to self-edit: Check your ideas for flow, grammar, spelling,
and chapter endings. Work on your chapter titles and lead in

Myth #7 I have to do it all myself.

Do your research and reading time apart from your writing
sessions. You may be able to ask your spouse, a teen-aged son or
daughter, a friend to help with your research. Know when to let
go of your chapters and book. Don’t self-edit and pick your book
apart word by word. Learn to use your skills at the highest
level possible. Some of the mechanical tasks of proofreading ask
a family member, part-time employee or again a friend to help.

Solution: After using your skills at the highest level, learn
to delegate faster and faster. Do the best job you can with your
manuscript, and then don’t be afraid to pass it to a

Myth #8 I don’t know anything about computers so pecking my
book out would probably take forever.

Don’t run from technology. At least take the time to learn
about the shortcuts in your current software. Welcome to the new
millennium! Embrace technology make your software work
efficiently for you.

Solution: Value your time. Learn how to do it easier and faster.

Myth #9 Computer crashes, loss of information would never
happen to me.

If you have been computing long, you know computer crashes or
loss of data can happen to anyone. Don’t take the chance of
losing your hard work. Print out and back up daily.

Solution: Develop the habit now to save your work and print
daily. Save your manuscript to an alternate space. Use a floppy
diskette or burn a cd/dvd. Safeguard your time investment backup
today and every day.

Writing a book is a journey. Most journeys go so much smoother
with a map or in our case a writing plan. Taking the simple
steps above will get you started fast and keep you going to
completion. Start today then complete and release your
significant message in a book to the world.